My Name's Cody Butler And I Coach Christian Men To Become Better Husbands, Better Fathers, And Save Their Marriages In As Little As 30-Days

Before making any decisions about your marriage or your future, I suggest you read this entire page.

"Cody Butler And Family"

Here's What Will Happen If We Work Together...

  • Intimacy will return to the relationship, often within days.

  • The fighting stops almost immediately.

  • You'll stop walking on eggshells, afraid your next word will trigger a fight.

  • Rekindle the love experienced in the early stages of your relationship.

  • Your relationship with your kids will see instant improvement.

  • You'll regain admiration, trust, and respect as the head of your home.

  • You'll begin to experience true joy and happiness.

  • Addictions and habits will disappear.

  • Your self-impossed limitation with fall away and you will soar.

Let Me Share What I Believe So You Can Leave If You Want To :)

Marriage is not an institution that commands respect in our modern world. In fact, many marriage therapists will even encourage or sanction divorce. I believe that marriage is permanent and for life.

Here are just a few of the values I uphold:

  • Marriage is between a man and a woman and is for life.

  • I hold a tradtional, conservative view of marriage and family.

  • The Husband has a unique leadership role within the marriage.

  • The husband and wife have disticntive and different roles within the marrige

  • A marriage is a sexually exclusive relationship.

Who Do I Help?

Here's Who I Work With And Why...

When my marriage was in serious trouble, my wife tried desperately to get me to go to marriage counseling.

I agreed to it, but I knew deep down inside it was a waste of time and it wouldn't work.


Because I knew the cause of the issues in the marriage was coming from my personal demons, and that counseling or therapy wouldn't help the marriage one bit until my personal issues were dealt with.

For me, it was alcohol abuse.

Here's The Real Problem

I found it very difficult, even impossible, to talk about the REAL PROBLEMS when I finally agreed to marriage counseling.

The REAL problems were my person DEMONS, not the problems that my marriage was experiencing as a result of those demons.

I desperately wanted help, I desperately needed help, and I was deeply committed to saving my marriage.


I just couldn't talk about it.

I wanted to, and I knew I needed to... But I just couldn't.

I had too much shame, guilt, embarrassment, who knows?

All I know is I couldn't.

If you're a man, you get what I'm saying.

If you're a woman reading this, this is a key insight for you: men aren't going to talk about the real problems, and that's why counseling is a BAD IDEA for now!

But there is a way forward, and that way is what I offer.


I get what you're going through, and I can help you get free of it once and for all.

You know counceling isn't the answer, but until now there's been very little alternative offered.

Maybe it's not alcohol for you, but it's going to be some personal struggle that's bigger than you right now, and until it's dealt with, it will cause the marriage to continue to deteriorate.

Until You Deal With And Release Your Own Trauma, You'll Continue To Inflict Trauma On The Marriage.

Maybe As A Man You're Experiencing Some Of The Following

  • Alcohol (Ab)use

  • Porn Addiction

  • Gambling

  • Feeling Unwanted

  • Feeling Like You've Lost Control

  • Under EXTREME Presure

  • Betrayed

  • Unappreciated

  • Depression

  • Toxic

  • Full Of Rage

  • Angry

As I'm sure you're aware, this is not easy to even admit these things to yourself, let alone discuss them openly in a counselor's office!

Let's be honest, looking at your wife and telling her 7 things you appreciate about her, isn't going to do much to change this either!

I work with husbands who are in the same position I was in.

I was full of anger and rage.

I had addictions I had no control over.

I had overwhelming feelings of helplessness, feeling that I was losing everything, and my life was spinning out of control.

I felt completely alone in my situation, unable to talk to or tell anybody what was really going on.


I was in a LIVING HELL on a daily basis, and I was making everybody else's life a living hell as a result.

If that describes you, I know what you're going through, and I know how to get you out of it and back on track.

And honestly...Your marriage will not improve until these root issues are dealt with.

Counseling won't help.

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How Do I Help You?

I help you by dealing with the real, ROOT CAUSE issues that are in YOU, not the SYMPTOMS that are showing up in the marriage as a result of those issues.

And here's the thing...

How do you know if it's a good fit for us to work together...

I believe you already know.

If you don't, this probably isn't for you.

I also believe you already have a pretty good idea of what the deep issues are too; you just don't know how to change it.

Here's the good news... I do know how to change it!

It's what I do, it's my gift, it's why I'm here, it's why you're here, and it's how I can help you and your family.

I repeat...I can help you...if you're open to it and ready.

Our Unique Process

Is This The Type Of Help You're Looking For? Schedule A FREE 15 Minute Call

If You're A Woman Reading This, Looking For Marriage Counseling...

If You're a Wife Looking for a Solution for Your Marriage, Consider This Option Before Counseling

Your husband may agree to counseling, but I can tell you, he's not going to like it one bit.

Let me help your marriage by helping him become the husband you need him to be in order for you to stay in the marriage and be happy.

The solution to your marriage issues is for him to become the Husband of Ephesians 5, not for him to sit in an office or on a Zoom call and talk about his feelings.

I'll help your husband overcome the inner trauma and turmoil that will free him to transform into the man you need him to be.

He knows he needs help, and he wants help. But he's never going to ask for it—that's what men do.

I've been through what your husband is going through, and I promise you, I can help you and your family.

It's his role to lead you and your family to a better place, not your role to drag him there.

I will help him become that leader.

For this to work, he MUST lead the way.

Our Process Is 100% Proven To Work

We've Helped 100's Of Men Transform Their Marriage…

Who's This For?

This is for MEN who understand that in order for their marriage to be SAVED, they MUST change , and that any change in their wife will come from HER following HIS EXAMPLE, NOT his demands.

This is for MEN who are...

  • Ready To Take Extreme Ownership Of Their Marriage.

  • Ready To Step Up And Lead Their Family.

  • ​Have Humility.

  • ​Are Ready To Admit They Are Lost And Need Help.

  • ​Ready To Transform Themselves Because It's The RIGHT Thing To Do, Not To Manipulate An Outcome.

  • ​Are Coachable.

  • ​Are Willing To Put Commitment Over Convenience.

  • ​Are Willing To Do Whatever It Takes.

  • ​Understand That ONLY They Can Do The Work.

  • Open To A Spiritual Solution

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Is This The Type Of Help You're Looking For? Schedule A FREE 15 Minute Call

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